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Your Data Center at a glance

Etix DCIM aggregates information from facilities, devices and IT systems and shows them in a fully customisable widget-based dashboard to monitor and manage multiple Data Centers globally from a web browser, letting operators define what data is most important to them.

Your Data Centre wherever you go

A set of Android and iPhone mobile applications is available for Data Center operators, enabling them to manage, monitor and act from wherever they are. KPIs, capacity planning, urgent tickets, alarms, access control authorisations and video surveillance at your fingertips.

Get smart alerts, real-time and trend data

Available for any metric such as temperature and humidity or power consumption and PUE, along with advanced workflow management to optimise operational efficiency and ensure the best possible communication between NOC operators, technicians, colocation customers and data center managers.

Light speed

Equipment Integration & Management

Open Protocols and Equipment-Brand Agnostic

Etix DCIM is a cloud-based vendor-neutral platform essential for today’s Data Center leaders to easily integrate any SNTP-compatible equipment made possible because Etix DCIM relies on open protocols and is not tied to any specific equipment brand.

Big Data Indicators: Not Just Data

The raw data gathered from your data center’s equipment does not allow you to monitor it efficiently. That’s why we allow operators to apply computations to all real-time data using indicators. This offers endless possibilities to create indicators enabling the broadest monitoring possible.

Asset Management and Co-location

Etix DCIM empowers colocation players with the capabilities to provide additional valuable services such as transparent monitoring of their customers’ equipment through a sophisticated multi tenant permissions system.

All-in-One Security and Monitoring Platform

Manage access control end-to-end through a unique platform

Integrated Physical Security Management

Enjoyable devices and authentication flow that will set your building apart from ordinary security routines like guards’ identity checks or badge assignments. You can finally forget the frustration of a last-minute onsite technician visit going through long authorisation processes.

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Integrated Video Surveillance

Tightly integrated cloud-based video Management System (VMS), with embedded image processing and computer vision capabilities. Etix VMS enables one operator to monitor hundreds of cameras within a web browser, and reduce the total operation costs linked to physical security.

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Alarming and Ticketing

Dynamic alarms

A smart workflow defines how to react to each level of alarms, all combined in a single place of the DCIM to allow quick, actionable notices..

Stay on top of tickets that matter

Fully automated escalation processing system for alarms, issues and maintenance. Based on the ticket criticality, an issue will be assigned to the right operator.

Tech diagrams to speed up troubleshooting

Manage, troubleshoot and protect your data center by viewing all logical aspects of your network. Get real-time, virtual views of your entire data center. Monitor supply chain, energy output and application performance.

4.5 million data points exist in your Data Center.
Harness them with us.

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One Platform

Endless Performance Indicators


Stay on top of the Temperature Averages 

Data center managers can save up to 4% in energy costs for every added degree (C) of the set point inside a data centre. We easily connect to the sensors inside the corridors to measure the temperature giving data center managers a detailed picture of thermal conditions in their facility. To get an overall alarm, the platform automatically calculates the average of the temperatures in all corridors, if it detects a global temperature rise, the source of the issue can easily be checked in detail.


Effective Energy Management 

You want your PUE to approach perfection as close as possible. We can help accurately aggregate and analyse your data center's power usage effectiveness, reveal trends over time and help data center managers to evaluate how well efficiency initiatives are performing.

Super-alarms: not just alarms

In a Data Center, busbars are often used to distribute power to the racks. But this equipment also offers a lot of extra information: temperature, power consumption, status, and more. We are able to aggregate the status of all these devices in a single place, so if a fault on any of them occurs, you receive one alarm and get your operators ready to check which one is defective..

Power Compartmentalization and Dew Points

Physical environment matters just as much as the capacity of the servers, and the sophisticated monitoring tools that you use have to take it into account. One such important environment related metric for server rooms is the dew point.

Etix Labs launches the first most comprehensive DCIM suite

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Etix DCIM, Keynesia and Etix Video Management System provide a brand new experience to track everything that is happening in mission critical infrastructures.

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