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After half a decade on the Data Center industry, we identified a huge pain point when addressing critical infrastructure security: bulky hardware, cumbersome installation and difficult to use platforms. We created the Keynesia security platform tailor made for Data Centers and their specific needs, perfect for use in our very own Etix Everywhere Data Centers.

Give Your People A
Better Way To Flow

Keynesia enjoyable devices and authentication flow

User friendly devices and authentication flow will set your building apart from ordinary security routines like guards identity checks or badges assignment. You can finally say good-bye to the frustration for technicians of going through long authorisation processes for last-minute onsite visits

Challenging on Bad Guys, Handy on You

It's easy to stay secure

Protecting your building is our priority, but we prefer to design critical products around their real users. Unlike ordinary access control systems, Keynesia is not just about control and access. It enables you to see key performance of your building for immediate, precise and secure information, always and everywhere.

Purpose-built multi-tenant platform

We offer greater flexibility to account for the different routines of employees, visitors, technicians and tenants. Create different authentication workflows according to the door’s or area’s level of criticality and change them directly from your dashboard.

High security is not ugly by definition

A bright, high resolution 7” touch screen proactively lights up to show needed user actions and resulting access permission. It can also display admin-defined contextual messages.

Forget about hardware add-ons

An HD camera coupled with 5 authentication methods in a unique device provide easy video based customer support at any time.

World’s most flexible intelligent panel

One piece of hardware for five authentication methods. As a future proof access control system, one or multiple layers of security can be used at anytime, deployed through the cloud.



PIN Code

Double PoE

Highest security standard for both the reader panel and the door controller ensuring protection from a power or network failure.

Strongest architecture for security

Centralised secured system makes impossible to control the door locally preventing security infringement.



It keeps an eye on everything

When equipped with a camera, the controller is able to count people entering the area using intelligent image processing.

Seamlessly connected to your Emergency system

Connect Keynesia to your fire detection system to open the door in case of fire or remotely open doors in any other emergency, making sure everyone can evacuate safely.


4.5 million data points exist in your Data Center.
Harness them with us.

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Better Together

Video Management System and Access Control were made for each other

Your cameras, our platform Skyrocketing Deploy

Video surveillance as a cloud-based service that can scale easily up to xxx cameras per location. Able to support the widest range of industry-leading cameras, encoders and CCTV equipment. Run our Video Management System (VMS) with Keynesia devices to accomplish a fully featured access control system.

Discover VMS

Etix Labs launches the first most comprehensive DCIM suite

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Etix DCIM, Keynesia and Etix Video Management System provide a brand new experience to track everything that is happening in mission critical infrastructures.

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