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Wave hello to the next gen full-stack for Data Centers

We free humans from tedious tasks related to building management with a single worldwide available dashboard.

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Speed of Deployment

Fast paced delivery is in our DNA. Unlike ordinary DCIM's, we cut installation time down to few days thanks to a 'plug and play' design that ensures the applications will connect seamlessly.


Doing more with less

We built a robust platform to give provide holistic monitoring from building all the way down to rack level: DCIM, Video Management and Access Control on one single platform allowing monitoring, giving actionable s, eliminating the hassle of hard to use interfaces or multiple tools, all with a single user-defined dashboard.


For tenants and customers

With a one of a kind ticketing system, customisable alarm flow, granular physical security management and advanced real time indicators, trust between a tenant and customer is no longer implicit. Our cloud based platform becomes your customer's data center, delivering the deep insights they require with a level of visibility defined by you.


Tons of data at a glance

Customisable responsive dashboards enable you to explore the vast amounts of data generated by your Data Center, but also to create your own personal widget-based dashboard comprised of only the data most important to you.

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Big data indicators, not just data

The raw data gathered from your data center’s equipment does not allow you to monitor it efficiently. That’s why we allow operators to apply computations to all real-time data using indicators. This offers endless possibilities to create indicators enabling the broadest monitoring possible.

Temperature Average

Effective Energy Management

Super Alarms

Dew Points

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Unified Cloud Platform

We can easily integrate any SNTP and Mod Bus compatible equipment as Etix DCIM relies on open protocols and is not tied to any specific equipment brand.

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High security made delightful and easy

A whole new kind of cloud-based security for Data Centers and critical buildings. One device, 5 methods of authentications.

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Purpose-built multi tenant platform

Multi-tenant data centers cannot afford a fragmented view with separated monitoring and security tools, a unified approach is desperately needed. We offer greater flexibility to account for the different routines of employees, visitors, technicians and tenants.

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Forget about hardware add-ons

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Equipped with an HD camera to provide customer video support at any time.

Video conferencing for support and authentication are paired in a unique device.

Video Management System

Operate any IP camera in your Data Center, wherever you are.

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4.5 million data points exist in your Data Center.
Harness them with us.

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Etix Labs launches the first most comprehensive DCIM suite

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Etix DCIM, Keynesia and Etix Video Management System provide a brand new experience to track everything that is happening in mission critical infrastructures.

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